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SFX Shoot

Yesterday I had a photo shoot for SFX magazine, where apparently there will be a double page feature of me, you poor, poor readers. There was an accompanying phone interview earlier in the week, but worryingly, they required a full-page shot. Let it be known that cameras and myself do not get on, and as a writer all I want to do is be a hermit (well, a hermit with wireless internet access and an Apple computer).

So after a few tentative snaps around the area just outside of Nottingham Castle, we ended up going into the Trip to Jerusalem, one of the oldest pubs in England, and in which, I shit you not, knights gathered before heading off to the Crusades in 1189AD.

Hats off to Digby, the cellar manager there, who spotted us taking pictures and then let us use the cellar which is part of the cave system. Actual caves! What a great location – and surrounded by so many barrels of ale. I think (hope) the photo they’ll use is one of the many which were taken of me perched on a piece of sandstone, alongside a sabre and helm (yes, they were down there), and it was dark and atmospheric enough so that you can’t see me all that well. It was a fantasy protagonist’s wet dream. Digby even helped by holding the flash to one side and lighting the candles behind me. Clichés, perhaps, but fun clichés, and I was all over the opportunity like a bad aftershave.

Afterwards I bought Digby a pint for his help, hospitality, and his fascinating history of the pub’s cellars.

The things a writer has to do…

By Mark Newton

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