One of my favourite bands. I was totally gutted when their rare UK gig was sold out a day before I knew about it.



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Didn’t know this band before. Unfortunately the first video can’t be watched any longer because it has been removed by the user. But you can listen to Elephant Gun at myspace.

I saw them last month (the gig you mention?). They were very good in their inimitable style, although they only played 60 mins tops which was disappointing (not the worst complaint in the world). I have no idea what the singer is saying but it still sounds good.

The support act, Shearwater, were possibly more impressive than Beirut, IMO. Definitely worth checking out the “Rook” album if you can.

I’m hooked up to several ticket alert mails and have learned to be on the ball when it comes to good music as tickets disappear quick (a lot of touts still – damn them to hell).
It took me a long time to “get” them but it helps I work with someone who likes folkish music.

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