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Dave Visits Villjamur

Dave Brendon goes to Villjamur.

Some snippets:

Mark’s words are incredible and creating vistas and characters in your mind. You see the scenery, almost as an afterimage, while reading, see the colours, feel the sea spray dusting your face. It’s like as soon as you sit down and start reading a trapdoor opens beneath you and you tumble into the world…

Now, on to the characters and characterization. With one chracter in particular, Mark goes into (as far as I know) unread territory – this character is one of the important POVs in the story, and I was a bit shocked that Mark had taken this particular journey with this character… We are taken into taboo (and I say ‘taboo’ because many still see it as such) territory, a huge chance on Mark’s part, and it works, not only for the character and the story, but for all the genres making up SFF; Mark has loudly and clearly said, “You see? Stop being so afraid. We write about life and this has to stop being ignored and belittled and glossed over. Use it!” His feelings on the matter are probably different, but it’s what I would say to Mark, and I’m pretty sure he would agree.

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By Mark Newton

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Isn’t it amazing how important a re-read or a spellchecker are in hindsight? 🙂 Thanks for this, Mark. I wouldn’t mind a stamp in my Passport at all! 🙂 Oh, and some sword lessons from the dancer and some Relics… 🙂

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