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Good lord. Even before the Forbidden Planet signing, I was faced with this:

250 limited editions of Villjamur, for the wonderful bookstore Goldsboro Books, who, after slavishly forcing me through all those copies, rewarded me with wine. I had much fun. 200 of these have already been sold, so there are only a few left – get them while they’re hot, hot, hot!

Then, onto Forbidden Planet, to sign the pre-orders (rare for a new fantasy writer, I’m told) and then out to face what was a surprisingly large queue. I expected very few, but ended up signing for the whole hour, and then other things. Thanks to Liz and Graeme from review blogs, and to everyone else for coming along – I really do appreciate it. And to Julie and Chloe from Tor UK for ensuring I wasn’t going to be sitting on my own. And buying me beer afterwards.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

6 replies on “Signings”

Thanks for the signing (your comment is putting the pressure on with my own writing). I realised after that we were too busy talking about the Beirut gig and evil ticket touts to actually discuss the book.
I’m only half-way through though and it would have been an epic faux pas if you managed to spoil your own book for me.

LOL – that’d have been EPIC spoilage. Straight from the horse’s mouth as it were.

There was a tidy turnout, I just wish I could have turned up a bit earlier and stuck around longer but as usual prior commitments got in the way…

Mark: I’m jealous you have a book in print that’s good, so I’d exchange my ticket buying skills for being able to sit down and write something decent!

Alex: I could see Mark was tempted to spoil the book in revenge for me seeing beirut, so I ran off after the signing in case he realised the missed oppurtunity.

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