Disaster Map

I saw this Emergency and Disaster map ages ago. You know how you fantasy fans like your maps; well this one displays all sorts of hazards, plotted on a global scale, for the morbidly curious. From biohazards to earthquakes, it’s actually quite interesting, once you get over the paranoia of how fragile things are.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

3 replies on “Disaster Map”

Hi Mark,
thanks for the link!

Yes I do indeed like my maps, so kick up some fuss at Macmillan to include one in NOV’s sequel ;O)

This hazard map is great, can I say that? Not sure how pc it is to enthuse about something displaying biohazards & natural disasters?


Hi Cat,

I’ll see what comes up!

Well, there’s a certain curiosity factor – it appeals to the geek in me, too, so you’re not alone. There’s no danger in being prepared for anything; although I’d be intrigued to see the symbol for something like the zombie apocalypse…

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