Hey, kids. I’m back online with full support from Apple after my recent debacle with the Chardonnay. I really didn’t think I could become more of an Apple fanboy, but I am… Did anyone break the interwebs while I was away having cream teas in the country? Were there any of those pesky flame wars and existential crises?

Anyway, Julie from Pan Mac emailed me earlier today to say that Nights of Villjamur was going to have to be reprinted, which was rather lovely to hear. I mean, it’s not the bestseller lists by any means – it’s my hardcover debut, after all! – but it’s certainly better than having the novel stink out the shelves.

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  1. Wow, lucky you. I once killed a keyboard with water. I’m still fairly new to the “Mac Community” and thus still finding stuff out. So just out of curiosity: Do you use “Scrivener” for writing?

  2. Welcome aboard, Anne. They’re great aren’t they? As for Scrivener – no, I’ve heard of it, but I tend to be fairly primitive – notebook and word processor.

  3. water? Pah, peasant. Mark wouldn’t kill his laptop with anything less than a “3 for 2” Chardonnay from Tesco!

    Well done on getting the reprints! The flame wars concerning “NoV” have obviously worked πŸ˜‰

  4. Well, generally yes. I only whined a little today, when I found out that there is no driver for my scanner (rather Canon’s fault than Apple’s, though). =(

    Why waste wine, if water does just as well? (Ok, I simply don’t drink wine.)

    And I forgot to add congrats on those reprints? How many does that make?

    And finally, something on e-books that I stumbled upon elsewhere (hope it’s ok to add it here, feel free to remove): http://www.bradsreader.com/2009/05/how-giving-ebooks-away-for-free-increases-print-book-sales/

  5. Hi Anne,

    You don’t drink wine? Shame on you. πŸ™‚

    The reprints – well, in total that’s about 4 to 4.5k in print from the publisher, and another few thousand for the UK Book Club edition. I’m not sure on the exact numbers, but I think it’s another 4 or 5k.

    Thanks for that article! I was actually looking for something similar to that I thought I read. But very interesting indeed.