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This Month’s Spending Spree

It’s comic-tastic for this month’s spending spree.

Ex Machina Volume 1, by Brian K Vaughan and Tony Harris.

Daredevil: The Devil, Inside And Out by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark.

The Authority: Relentless by Ellis, Hitch, Nerry & Depuy.

But I’m also reading The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco.

Anyone else reading something good?

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

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Are you a general comics fan or are you just delving into it?

The Authority is excellent under the guidance of Ellis/Hitch and Millar/Quitely – definitely this centuries trend setter in the way that Wathchmen/Dark knight were in the 80s (although Authority is more about widescreen action and fun). You should probably check out the “stormwatch” trades by Ellis as they are very good too (better characterisation) and serves as a precursor to the authority.

Ex Machina is the only creator owned work by Vaughn I haven’t fallen in love with. I still need to give it another try. “Y the last man” is excellent though and “The Pride” is tragically beautiful.

Not that I’m a comics geek or anything…

I dip in from time to time. I probably read about ten graphic novels last year, all in all. Highlights have been Tomine’s “Summer Blonde” and Jonathan Lethem’s “Omega the Unknown”. Oh, and a lot of Batman stuff actually, what with the film being out.

Thanks for the tip on the other Authority stuff. And yeah, I enjoyed Vaughn’s “Pride of Baghdad” which I read a few months back.

Most of these things, I find, come down to time and money…

Just realised the full title was “pride of Baghdad”.

I’m generally wary of Marvel, in terms of trades, but I guess “Omega the unknown” is as un-marvel as you can get. I might give it a look.

My current fave trades are “100 bullets” (excellent crime noir), “the walking dead” (the best zombie tale ever) and “Fables” (excellent idea, excellently executed). Worth every penny and I agree comics are a pricey hobby compared to books without pictures.

I recently met Bill Willingham of Fables fame at World Fantasy in Canada last year. Turns out we were both massive fans of “Due South”, the TV show, and headed out into the city to buy Mountie hats.

That is such a strange anecdote, it could only be true!
Glad he seems to be a fun guy, which should be a given based on the humour present in Fables.
“Due South”, now there’s a blast from the past…

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