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A trawl of the interwebs has brought the following things to my attention:

Adam Roberts, fine author and inquisitor of fandom, reviews SF magazine Deathray. I very much agree with Adam’s thoughts here; Deathray is really good at the moment. Not just because of the fine review they gave me (would I be so shallow?), but the content is superb. A fat literary round-up, and short fiction, too.

David Croenberg wants to film the Don DeLillo novel, Cosmopolis.

It follows 28-year-old Eric Packer as he winds his way across the Big Apple for a haircut, his journey obstructed by various traffic jams caused by a presidential visit to the city, a funeral procession for a Sufi rap star and a full-fledged riot.

I’m a big fan of DeLillo. I’ve spent ages dissecting his prose. Some of his sentences are incredible. He often describes ordinary points with such vigor that they take on new, fantastical planes of existence. Like taking a crowbar to the world and seeing it from within, making little hyperrealities of the most casual phenomena. One such apogee of his prose, I like to think, is the epigraph I used in Nights of Villjamur – taken from White Noise:

The power of the dead is that we think they see us all the time. The dead have a presence. Is there a level of energy composed solely of the dead? They are also in the ground, of course, asleep and crumbling. Perhaps we are what they dream.’

(Which, I hope, nicely introduced the concepts of death within the book.)
Anyway, should be interesting to see how Cosmopolis makes the leap to the big screen. I would be particularaly interested if someone wanted to make Libra into a film.

Finally, rumours are that Apple will be slapping the Kindle out the stadium. Take all rumours of Apple products with a pinch of salt, but this looks promising. I will soon have put most of my earnings in Steve Jobs’ pocket.

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