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LeftLion Interview

I’m all up for being involved in the local literary scenes and supporting local arts, so I was delighted to be interviewed for LeftLion Magazine, the uber-trendy Nottingham arts and culture magazine.

Mark Charan Newton’s impressive debut novel Nights of Villjamur is not your usual fantasy fiction. Written almost in a noir style, rather than epic battles and endless magical creatures, there is a strong emphasis on character development where everyone’s story is linked. In this sense he is being hailed as one of a new breed of innovative fantasy authors, following on in the tradition of China Miéville, Alan Campbell and Hal Duncan. With suicides, political corruption, sexually ambiguous heroes and an impending ice age forcing droves of refugees into the fantastical landscape of Villjamur, this dying earth fantasy has something for everyone.

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By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.