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Review Via The Medium Of Google Translate

A review on a Russian forum, and Google translate gives us a most entertaining translation into English:

Villdzhamur – a huge city in the world, where the dying red sun. People understand that they are ahead of Ice Age.

The main character – Brinda Latrea, albino, the commander of an elite squad of Imperial Guards Night. The emperor committed suicide, and now on the streets of the city there is chaos. Throne passes to the eldest daughter of the emperor, Dzhamur Rica. In the meantime, the treacherous intrigues pletet chief villain – the Chancellor Urtika. He had his far-reaching plans – for example, it is going to launch a war to strengthen their political influence.

Urtika is not one. He liaises with Kultistami – individuals, who practice black sorcery. Kultisty outlawed, they hoped not only to the Chancellor to increase its power, but the warring clans стравить magicians in Villdzhamure.

If Brinda – this «white» hero (until the color of the hair), and Urtika – «black», then Rendur Estevo – «gray». This thief, who will remind you to Errol Flynn. Rendur zamutil romanchik with Princess Eyroy, younger sister successors. Missed small – should have been to the Empress podkatyvat … Their attitude will be pink nozzles run through the entire novel.

There is a novel, and other heroes – but Mark Newton focuses on these three. Epic battles and humming anthill characters he has left to other writers. However, rubilova and krovischi will bulk. Not for nothing is remembered Abercrombie.

The main characters and geography (aka lokeysheny) – these are the main advantages of the novel, scientists believe a hobby. City, where the action will remind you Virikonium (of the same works of M. John Harrison) and Lankmar (from «swords Lankmara» Fritz Leybnera).

The plot is a novel built around a murder investigation. One after another, killing the city consuls. People would be happy – every day at sea was the imperial officials. However, the investigation will not Brinda. At the scene is a new character – Investigating Lawyer Jerid, reymel (well, a race, Race). This is a classic hero-detective, descended from the Noir. Do it mate – Three hundred, but to work with the Three hundred and easy. Do that and the problem with his wife, and by raising the nose flying.

Most of these novels the reader begins to flounder, – who is who, and why the necromancer is not Ate Crown Prince for lunch. But, fortunately, the book is not from Newton. Action, action and re-operation, – the author does not give the reader a break. Dark alleys and mysterious tower, terrible monsters and ancient magic, unusual race and the struggle for power – the author skillfully brings together all these pieces of exquisite mosaics.

Hobby called «Night Villdzhamura» remarkable book. The author uses the familiar, we plot turns, but as soon as they gets the inside out – so that remains the only firm to hold a chair. The finale comes in time – not protracted and did not stop at the same time, we understand that he will leave a good zadelchik to continue.

Does the novel weaknesses? Of course! Once you have finished reading it – you just want to continue. And the author just wrote it … «This is the best book of the year – believed hobby. – Or I was very wrong ».

Do you hear that? Yeah.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

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