Someone told me that my bios are far too minimal, so I’ve updated one with some random crap (including the caravan incident) if you are particularly bored.

Also, watch this space, because I should, within the next month or two, have an shiny new website courtesy of the web guru at Sevenoak Design. It will look very lovely.

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised to find Nights of Villjamur listed amongst “important works” for 2009, in Farah Mendlesohn’s A Short History Of Fantasy, which was rather nice considering it’s only been out a short while.

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Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.


  1. a caravan? like, a bunch of people who ride camels and carry tents around like gypsies?

  2. Now that would have been cool. Alas, no… a field of very still caravans. There was a dog though.

  3. Caravans are evil. We spent hours dodging the freaking things as they bobbed randomly on the motorway.

  4. I was hoping you had spent time as a “traveller” or carny; a bookseller of fortune travelling the isles and setting right the poor selection of sci-fi and fantasy in bookstores.

  5. Now wouldn’t that be cool? An esoteric, Romany SFF mobile bookstore. With palm readings.

  6. Mining villages razed to the ground by a witch…
    I can barely breathe through the laughter, it hurts so much…

  7. Caravan-Chic is very in right now! Push that Free Spirit of the Roads angle!