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Radio One Gives Platform To Racists

I would be upset if there were no more giant pandas, I’d be upset if there were no more lions, if there were no more tigers, so equally I’d be upset if white people weren’t here any more.

From a Radio One feature. I’m pretty fucking angry about this. Can I just say this isn’t about free speech. There is no serious examination of issues here, no debate. This is simply about giving a platform to racists. It’s nothing more than providing a venue where racism is masked by soundbites about spurious issues of identity.

Should you need any reminder of what this is about:


By Mark Newton

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That interview is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Wasn’t Britain buried under several kilometres of ice 40,000 years ago, meaning that the only ‘natural’ inhabitants of the UK were polar bears?

And WTF is ‘ethnically English’ anyway? ‘Native’ English people are descended from Vikings, Normans, Saxons, Celts and other continental races all mixing together over millennia. Are these people really that badly educated?

Hi Adam,


I think there are two things here. One is the BBC shoehorning in controversy where there is nothing other than blind stupidity.

The other is that this is exactly what the BNP is – fascism with the veneer of charming soundbites. It’s nothing other than slipping in racism through the backdoor, and manufacturing fake ideals.

My personal favourite was when he claimed that sinking boats with immigrants would ultimately save immigrant lives as they’d be too scared to come here.
Surely he’s a given for a humanitarian award for that one?

Is he going to save polar bears by eating them? That way we may start farming them. Which makes me think, his quote about the Panda was ill-chosen. Surely the Panda is the embodiment of why black and white should never mix? It deserces extinction. It’s bad when his rhetoric doesn’t stand up to internal logic 😉

I should walk away now before I get angrier and start spitting general venom at my own country and those in power for getting into a situation where these people are winning seats. grrr.

It’s a really tricky one to handle. Part of me thinks it’s good to have him on TV becasue, looking at various clips, he only ever shows the party’s true agenda. This way people can’t pretend that they “don’t know” it’s a racist party.
The drawback here is the assumption everyone would have a problem with that revelation.

Another stupid BNP policy is how they may get banned because the membership policy is racist. How many non-white “Brits” would want to join them anyhow? What a pointless risk for the party.

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