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Robert Holdstock Passes Away

Well, what a bad day for the genre – Robert Holdstock passed away after an infection. A while ago I made a call to bloggers, in order to bring him to their attention. I’ve said before how amazing his writing is, too. So yeah, it was a bit of a shock for a writer of only 61 years – and one of my favourites – to fade.

I’m very much sighing writing this – perhaps not as deeply as those who were close friends, but nonetheless, I’m struggling to put down anything useful. I briefly met Robert a couple of years ago, but I exchanged emails with him when I signed with Pan Macmillan. I was a newbie, and he was alerted to my write-up on Mythago Wood. We exchanged a few messages – talking about all sorts of things from writing to myths to Vaughan Williams – and he seemed remarkably energetic, with a very lively charm.

If you’ve not read his works, now seems very appropriate – drop by your bookstore and pick up a copy of Mythago Wood.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

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