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Review in SF Crowsnest Magazine

SF Crowsnest magazine this month contains a rather lovely and lengthy review of Nights of Villjamur.

It kicks off with:

I will now admit that this was great. A great novel, hear that?

And ends with:

The whole book accomplishes the task of setting up the series in a promising and rewarding way. The characters are genuine, the action is well paced and bloody and the bad guys are humanly evil. Do you like you fantasy twisted, epic and bloody? You’ll love this. If you’re not into the above then I think you’ll still love it.

Splendid. It’s strange, looking at reviews for Nights, now I’ve written another book in the series – especially given how different the tone of City of Ruin is. I mean, it feels like a totally different bit of writing altogether, and my mind has been examining new characters and themes for over a year. So reading what people thought of the first requires me to wind the mental clock back a year. I suppose I’ll have to get used to it with the US release, too. (I can hear you now, you sarcastic lot, ‘Oh you poor, poor authorial lamb, such agony!’ – I’m not expecting sympathy, I’m just saying it’s weird!)

By Mark Newton

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