Delphic – Doubt

Via the medium of Jools Holland, here are an interesting new synth brigade from the industrial north, but they’ve made it onto all the 2010 tip-lists, so I hope they don’t disappear into obscurity.


By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

4 replies on “Delphic – Doubt”

Very Pet Shop Boys – not that you’d catch me complaining about that. I do like.

If synth if your thing, Mark, and you’re ever looking for new electro-awesome music, I’d point you towards another little-known British outfit: Faunts. Particular the M4 EP. Not sure if you ever game a game, but the title track played over the end credits of Mass Effect.

Thanks – I’m always on the look out the the new electro – or rather, “synths but now look we have guitars”.

I’ve just checked out Faunt’s on MySpace (if anyone remembers that), and they sound right up my strasse. A kind of slightly livelier Electric President.

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