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Review & A Lesson For Bloggers

Between Two Books gives a lovely review of Nights of Villjamur:

I don’t want to get into discussing things like New Weird or Old Peculiar, and I’m not going to pretend that I can do a good job at it. All that I know is that Newton has created an amazing story that dances among various genres and sub-genres. It is a dangerous thriller but it also contains traits of horror. It is fantasy but it also touches science-fiction. All this is mixed so well in this book that it was a true delight to read.

If I had read Nights of Villjamur in 2009, the year of its publication, it would have been one of my top two books of 2009. Now that I read in 2010, even though the year is very young, it’s going to be hard to best it. The bar is raised very high.

Rating: 10/10

Note: he’s also reading City of Ruin – so if you’re a reviewer and want a PDF, drop me a line.

And in other business, do you wish you could start up a review blog and talk shop? Well, have a look at The Speculative Scotsman. In a remarkably short period of time he’s built up an attractive, intelligent, regularly updated and well-connected site. There’s a good mix of opinion and review, as well as a healthy dose of cynicism. It’s a lesson in how to get started.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

7 replies on “Review & A Lesson For Bloggers”

What I appreciate more than anything (well, maybe not QUITE so much as his natural voice) is that Niall is launching his blog with a clear direction in mind. He seems in control of his content, which is rare even in established bloggers. Hopefully he can keep up the pace on content, it’s making me jealous!

Jesus, guys, you’re making me blush here. It’s just a bit of fun, really, but I’m glad you’re both finding it worth your time. It’s not as if the pair of you are at all lacking in comparison, anyway. Roll on City of Ruin! And indeed, the next Cover Art post on A Dribble.

The thing is, you see a few blogs come and go each month, but none have established so quickly as TSS. That you’ve got respect already from peers is quite significant.

And as far as I’m concerned, the more quality blogs – with genuinely interesting content – the better for all of us.

Consider yerself hyped. 🙂

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