Fyfe Dangerfield – She Needs Me

I remember seeing Fyfe live a few years back, when the Guillemots were just starting out, before the BBC were all over them. It was in a tiny room in Nottingham, one of those murky, sticky-floored indie venues, full of guys and girls in converse, big beads and fancy hats, and the Guillemots were just a phenomenal bunch of musicians. Fyfe seemed one of the most expressive artists I’d ever seen, a passionate multi-instrumentalist. This video seems pretty mild and mainstream by his former standards, but it could be a good move for his career. Talented chap, anyway.


By Mark Newton

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Actually, his new album does have its fair share of odd moments. I wouldn’t see this as a change in direction; he’s described the new solo stuff as a bunch of solo songs that he wanted to record quickly and that didn’t seem to fit with Guillemots (though, to these ears, they’re still on the same continuum).

When I first heard it I had no idea it was the bloke from Guillimots, it sounds more like Badly Drawn Boy. I do like the song but the video is a bit off putting in its embrace of the mainstream.

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