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New Two-Book Deal

Seems as though I’m late to my own party. Whilst the interwebs was busy fluttering with this news, I was getting my haircut and buying new shoes, and then I’ve got to cook dinner for four tonight. But anyway:


PRESS RELEASE – 28th January 2010


Julie Crisp, Senior Commissioning Editor at Tor UK at Pan Macmillan has concluded a second two-book world rights deal for UK fantasy author Mark Charan Newton, for an undisclosed five-figure sum. The agent was John Jarrold.

These books continue his Legends of the Red Sun series that opened with Nights of Villjamur, which Tor UK published 2009. The second title, City of Ruin, will be published in June 2010, together with the first in paperback. US rights to both those titles have been acquired from Macmillan by Bantam.

‘I’m delighted that we’ve been able to set up a second deal before Mark’s first novel is even out in paperback,’ said John Jarrold. ‘That speaks highly both of his writing and of Julie’s enthusiasm for the series.’

Julie Crisp commented: ‘Working with Mark on such an exciting series has been wonderful. Everyone here at Tor UK is thrilled that we’re able to continue with this talented author and we look forward to the fans’ reactions to the news that there are forthcoming titles.’

Mark Charan Newton is in his twenties, and lives in Nottingham. He previously worked as an SF buyer in a major bookstore chain.

Praise for Nights of Villjamur:

‘A dark epic which shows its debt to Gormenghast: death stalks the shadows and scheming, idiosyncratic characters have their own agendas. This is fantasy with vast scope and ambition… a complex, eldritch vision.’ The Guardian

‘At its best, I was reminded of Jack Vance or Gene Wolfe… this is a promising start to a series worth pursuing.’ The Times

‘While the sun over Villjamur is dying, Mark Charan Newton’s star as a writer is burning with a fierce talent.’ Stephen Hunt

Contact John Jarrold or Chloe Healy, Press Officer at Tor UK, for further information:

John Jarrold: e-mail phone 01522 510544.

Chloe Healy: e-mail phone 020 7014 6186

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

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Congratulations, Mark. You’re proof of the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk. Well done, mate. Put on those dancin’ shoes!

Congratulations Mark! Must be great to see such a show of confidence from those involved.

I hope you plan on having a celebration at the weekend.

Right on, Mark. I think I’ll go get my hair cut and buy shoes and see if there’s a book deal waiting for me when I get home!

Course — it might help if I finish the book I’m working on.


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