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Bantam Spectra Proofs

Americans! Feast your eyes on this. Fresh from the offices of Bantam Spectra, we have the advance reading copies of the US debut of Nights of Villjamur. Always exciting to share a picture or two.

Incidentally, the typewriter in the background is purely ornamental, and I couldn’t actually find a free space to pile the books up. And the printed manuscript proof of City of Ruin is not artistically placed beside it; that desk seems to be a bit of a dumping ground. Also, if my UK editor is watching, I didn’t, of course, dump it there without being bothered to read it.

Here’s some marketing detail on the inside. I like that they put that page there, since you usually find it in a separate letter or on the back. (One minor correction: I don’t work for Solaris anymore, but never mind.)

Publication date is the end of June, when the next phase of World Domination begins.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

11 replies on “Bantam Spectra Proofs”

Your UK editor is always watching…why haven’t those proofs been returned to us?! 🙂 I’m surprsied you didn’t highlight the ‘Incredible new talent’ line under the key points…

Cool! I was looking to buy it last month, but couldn’t find them anywhere. Then I did a bit of research and discovered they aren’t available in the US yet. Thanks for the update!

I’m looking forward to reading it.

I can’t wait for world domination! I’ve been hearing such great things about it in the UK! And I’m hearing some good early rumblings about the sequel to world domination, too.

I like the Bantam commitment to very serious-looking proofs. Cover art is fun, but there’s something very professional about the “fuck it, pay attention to the words” style. Plus, adds to the “this ain’t out yet” cool factor.

Trey: IMO, the sequel is much better.

Dave: You’ll have to ask the fine folks at Bantam Spectra!

Jared: Yes, they’re probably quite collectable because of that. Might slip a few on eBay myself. 🙂

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