Peter F. Hamilton on “Nights of Villjamur”

Science Fiction legend Peter F. Hamilton (two million books sold!) dropped me a quick email to say he enjoyed Nights of Villjamur, which was rather lovely, because I didn’t even know he was reading it.

Genre labels just don’t apply here. With Nights of Villjamur Mark has managed to incorporate so many wonderfully varied ideas and themes into a decent blend of excitement and interest that the marketing department is going to have to invent a whole new section just for him.

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  1. It’s all coming up Millhouse*, isn’t it? First Mieville now Hamilton. Congrats!

    *Semi-obscure Simpsons reference

  2. You won’t have it made until Terry Goodkind blurbs you, though. Keep reaching for the stars, Mark 😛

    Cool blurb, though.

  3. Or Stanek. Although he maybe has reviewed you several times on Amazon already

  4. Thanks, Adrian.

    Larry – we offered, but Goodkind doesn’t write genre, so would be no use.

    Neil – this is potentially true, of course…