Bantam Spectra Cover For “Nights Of Villjamur”

I am the man of many covers. Firstly, the full wrap-around goodness.

This is the new, final, ultimate hardcover dustjacket for Nights of Villjamur in the States. I love it – especially some of the design details.

Why was it changed? Well, basically, not everyone at Bantam Spectra was happy with the previous version, and you really want everyone in the company to love the cover, so they tried a new approach.

And for those of you who like your action close-up:

I think the hooded figure is small enough this time, no?

What do you think to this (especially American readers)?

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  1. Pretty sweet.

    BTW, I got the US ARC yesterday.

  2. This is great, Mark. I’ve read the novel, and I think this does it justice. Congrats.

  3. Love it. Same general idea as the old cover, but much better execution. Love the typeface and the lovely blues.

  4. Much improved. The blue and white tones are well done. Very classic yet evocative of a big and mysterious city. I’d certainly pick it up.

  5. Absolutely bloody lovely. As if a UK hardcover and a US proof isn’t enough Night of Villjamur for me, I might just have to get a copy of this on my shelves too. Gorgeous, Mark, gorgeous!

  6. I prefer it to the first version. It’s a beautiful image. My only worry is that I’m not sure it says fantasy loud enough for the US market.

    But props to Bantam for having the courage to stand out from the crowd in that respect.

    Actually I have another worry – the image is stunning but its also quite subtle. Hope it stands out viewed at a distance.

    Sh*t sorry Mark didn’t mean to be so negative. πŸ™

  7. Thank everyone! Apart from Negative Simon… πŸ™‚

    Interesting point though, Simon. I think there was talk of nudging this in the direction of mainstream.

    As for being genre enough, I dunno. The Abercrombies were unique and spoke to that audience. The GRRMs are largely font based aren’t they?

  8. I’ll add my praise to those above..I really like it. But then, I love winter settings, which this cover does very well.

  9. Ah, but in the case of the Abercrombies you had quality INSIDE the covers too…

  10. More architecture! It’s beautiful.

  11. Absolutely love it. Best cover so far imo.

  12. The best yet. Love the looming city and the small guy. The sense of scale is great.

  13. It makes me feel a little bit cold just looking at the wintry scene – a great cover!

  14. I’m really chuffed that you’ve all reacted so positively! That’s great. It seems to have pleased nearly everyone, which – these days – is a pretty tough act.

    And Joe – are we talking about the same Abercrombies…? πŸ˜›

  15. Way better. Way, way, way better. Nice and icy blue too!

  16. Oh man. I’ve been doing too much work on the computer. I immediately knew the name of the font they used upon seeing the image. Hahaha.
    I really like it! Its very epic.

  17. Really beautiful cover. I prefer this one to the UK one… less ‘genre-ish’. I’d certainly pick it up to read the blurb. It will stand out from the rest of the fantasy book, being so bright and eye-catching

  18. Mark,

    I know! I feel bad enough already. I guess the main thing is that I’m surprised that this is the US cover – it seems far more suited for the UK market.

    Pyr did stick with the type led covers for Joe’s book in the US but Orbit, initially at least, were much more comfortable with a more genre approach.

    The GRRMs in the Uk are indeed type and historic icon driven but in the US are much more identifiably genre in look.

    I applaud the motivation of what Bantam are doing with your book and, of course, they are profoundly more expert about what their market wants than any of us. And in the end if the cover is beautiful, and this one certainly is, that has to count in its favour whatever other consideration other people want to fling at it.

  19. …Man, that’s way better than the one we got.

  20. I like the overall effect created by the various shades of blue. Reminds me of the cover for MiΓ©ville THE CITY & THE CITY.

    But as Doctor Evil mentioned, it might not scream “fantasy” enough for the US market.

    Look at the bright side: At least you don’t have a vampire-hunting femme fatale with fuck-me boots on the cover!:P

  21. I think it’s absolutely bloomin’ gorgeous. πŸ™‚ Great sense of scope. Well done to the US designers too.

  22. I’ll take blue over the blacks, muted browns and greys of fantasyland any day of the week.

  23. I like it! Blues are good, the text of the title stands out, and the title itself is in a gorgeous font (nothing too fancy, but those vertical serifs on the ‘l’s really help to draw the eye).

    The only issue I have with it is more down to me being a bit literal. It’s not exactly ‘Night’ is it…

  24. I like it.
    Even the castle reminds me a bit of Neuschwanstein castle

  25. It reminds me of Narnia…
    Lovely picture but i thought the original cover suggests the darker themes of the book better.

  26. Subtle changes mark a big improvement. I nacked this and posted it to my blog, hope you don’t mind Mark!

  27. It’s a cover, one that I can remove when I’m reading it in hardcover form, if I ever get it in that format from Random House πŸ˜›

    I’m someone who prefers simple covers and this meets it. Too many images bore me.

  28. ediFanoB – yes, that might even be where the photo came from, I’m not sure. Though if that pushes subtle fantasy buttons, that’s all to the good.

    Rob – not at all.

    Larry – I’m sure if you’re on their list… If not, let me know.

  29. I don’t hound publishers for review copies anymore, so I haven’t received too many from RH lately. I’ll bug them in a bit. If I don’t hear back, I’ll let you know.

  30. Personally the figure isn’t much liked but the city and the whites and blues are awesome. If they have to put a figure on the cover then i prefer if they have it more like they do on City of Ruin, closer and more defined. Better then the original by far though. Congrats O’ ye man of many covers. : )

  31. I’m just happy to be getting it here.