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Whilst it seems I have to wait until tomorrow morning to collect my copies of my books from the post office, other reviewers are flicking through it already. One thing that has come to light is this:

I just wanted to add that this isn’t some marketing ploy (I’d apply something much more sinister than this if I was interested in pleasing the gods of publicity). No, this is a genuine thanks. It’s incredibly difficult to forge a new career as an author, especially with all the white noise out there, and many bloggers have been directly and indirectly supportive through lovely reviews, but mostly constant coverage and links, and the cumulative effect is that it has significantly raised my profile. I’m doing far better than I should be, so I felt it would be foolish not to mention that.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

15 replies on “Acknowledgements”

Didn’t realize I had done anything to deserve an official Acknowledgment, but glad that I helped in whatever form I helped. Doesn’t mean you’ll ever get a free pass from me, not that I would ever think that’s what you’d want! 😛

Aidan – I doubt anyone in the book world has a Swiss bank account. 🙂

Adrian – thanks!

Larry – I’ve had a lot of linkage from you over the last year, and a lot of traffic from your site. Pah, you’re a hard man to please.

Pah! Become a fulltime blogger, Mark. Swiss bank accounts are only the beginning.

But, on a more serious note, like Larry, I’m surprised and a little humbled to see my name there. I’m glad I’ve been of help, even if it came in the form of two stubborn asses butting heads in 140 characters or less.


Of course, I’m so hard to please that several times over the past decade, I’ve been confused for a woman on the interwebs 😛

I’m guessing that traffic flow didn’t do any harm to your rep? Seems the most traffic I end up generating leads to some argument somewhere 😛

Awesome as always, thanks Mark. 🙂 Take’s a good novel to garner all the positive coverage, so this is more like a 80/20 relationship (with you holding the majority of the points). 🙂 Hope you have an awesome signing! 🙂

I am chuffed to be there and it was totally unexpected.

I got a shocked reaction when I suggested to the someone from the publisher that I was surprised they let it in. I thought that only cause it ran through my head that it was so personal that it might not make sense to someone else reading it. They said they’d never interfere with what an author wanted to put in.

But d’oh, isn’t that the point of an acknowledgements page!

Joe – I thought I’d dedicate the whole of the next book to you. If that’s cool with you.

Neil – Joe refused to wear a hood.

Dave – thanks, the signing was great.

Gav – yes, it’s my page to thank whoever I like.

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