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Sometimes I seem to forget to link to reviews and interviews, what with the various rants about the environment, or various cover art debacles. In fact, people seem to really dig the other stuff so much, that the self-promotion takes a back seat (and so it should). But not today. Here’s a lovely review of Nights of Villjamur at Bookworm Blues.

It’s unique, polished and filled with plenty of grays, flawed characters, complex cultures, social issues, politics, violence, sexuality and whatever else you want to throw in there. Though despite the fact that it seems to contain all of these elements, Newton balances them perfectly and even if there were a few flaws, I can easily forgive and overlook them, which is only made easier by his amazing writing and shocking sprawling, tightly woven plot.

Sounds good – I’d buy it. Here’s a new interview with me at Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews:

Self-publishing – not in the general sense of cutting out editors and publishers. That way would be career suicide – editors help make a book better and spend many hours/days/weeks doing so. Publishers stump up cash and have the infrastructure (real people – reps, art directors, etc) to help make a book attractive to consumers so it will sell lots. Without that, you’re simply lost in all the white noise out there. Now of course, there are exceptions that people will cling on to for dear life – authors who are established and wish, for example, to release some self-published short stories. That would work. But an author needs to spend most of their time writing. Editors create the conditions that allow authors to keep doing that.

Yes. I rant in this one.

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