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Antiziganism II

Or, recycling people, the Sarkozy way:

Roma communities in France, currently the subject of a controversial crackdown by the Sarkozy administration, are being forced to scavenge growing volumes of potentially dangerous e-waste in a bid to escape poverty, an Ecologist investigation has revealed… Medical organisations, including Doctors of the World, are concerned Roma communities, particularly children, are at risk of serious health problems if the unofficial e-waste recycling continues. They cite previous studies into the issue which they claim show instances of lead poisoning in Roma children and the contamination of land used as a Roma camp.

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By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

One reply on “Antiziganism II”

They got Bush in US, we get Sarkozy here. We have a saying in France : to each his cross. But sure, we are labouring under the weight of the cross and the shame.

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