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Apple Wine

I know you love my garden/chutney-making escapades, so here’s a little more domestic nonsense. I’ve moved to the half-way stage of homebrewing some apple wine. It seems to be a pretty simple process: boiling up a couple of kilos of apples (Blenheim Orange) and then letting it simmer away. Tip it into a fermenting bin, add yeast, feed it with sugar, and then it’s ready to be poured into demijohns. I’ll find out what the final product tastes like in about six months.

In the UK it’s legal to produce an unlimited amount of this stuff, so long as I don’t a) sell it or b) distill it, neither of which I plan to do unless we enter prohibition. (Given that the Tories are in charge, I wouldn’t be surprised if we did due to some spurious claims of fairness.)

By Mark Newton

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