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GM Crops Are Not The Answer To World Hunger

This is about the most simple, elegant, informative and honest summary you will ever hear on the GM food debate. If you can spare a moment to watch it, then please do.


By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

2 replies on “GM Crops Are Not The Answer To World Hunger”

I like this view. A lot of first world people seem to think that it is just about food and water – it isn’t. A lot of environmental issues are the problem for these poorer countries. All they need is money and resources to develop their agricultural, industrial and environmental facilities.

The intense agricultural activities, to me, means that the few prime farming areas they have are needing to work double time to meet the needs of the many. Unfortunately this ruins the ground as it is not left fallow for long enough and therefore the ground breaks down and you get desertification.

I respect the moral views of this man and I happen to agree with the fact that just throwing food at the problem will solve it – it won’t!

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