Prodigy – No Good

I just realised this song is sixteen years old. (I guess these sorts of realisations will happen more in life.) When I was about fifteen I used to hope I’d be some sort of electric musician that made stuff like this – I was fascinated by all the electronic trickery, samplers, keyboards (synths were so 1980s), and spent hours at the computer, just programming musical nonsense into it.

[youtube: 500]

By Mark Newton

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Terrifying, isn’t it? I had a bit of a twitch when I realised Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory” was 10 years old: you suddenly see yourself in flashback when you start thinking like that, don’t you?

It’s one of the reasons I abhor going into many night-clubs now… it appears that I’m about ages with you, and it’s most depressing going to a retro 90s night when all these kids who are – pushing it here (certainly they wouldn’t remember much of that time) – just about young enough to be your children are going nuts to stuff that was out when I was getting ready to leave school.

Well, that and night-clubs are fundamentally shit.

Lou – yeah, it’s not good. Though I’m already practicing to be old.

Richard – your last line sums it up nicely. I think even those who go to them can’t stand them. I know I didn’t, even when I went each weekend.

Adrian – ha, I’m sure you can still see such moves on the dance floor at Eastercon.

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