Up Pompeii

It’s sad to see things are coming to this for Pompeii:

After a series of wall collapses at Italy’s ancient city of Pompeii, a team from UN cultural organisation Unesco has arrived to examine the site. One wall gave way on Tuesday and two more the next day, three weeks after the House of Gladiators crumbled. Officials blamed Wednesday’s wall collapses on heavy rain but Unesco says concerns have been raised about Pompeii’s state of preservation. The UN team will assess the World Heritage site for further problems.

I wonder how historical sites in general will fare during the imposed austerity measures that are happening across much of Europe? How much to cultures and governments value heritage? What would Lurcio have to say on the matter?

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RrzMFIrFNE 500]

By Mark Newton

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Hi Mark,

A real shame to hear about Pompeii in danger. I must say though, your choice of video clip to accompany this post is perfect. I would love to find the collection of the series of ‘Up Pompeii’ with Frankie in it but I do not think it has been done 🙁

You would think the tourism generated would be more than enough to warrant looking after the site never mind the historical importance.
Weren’t they asking commercial sponsors to help with the colosseum recently as well?

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