Leaked ThunderCats Footage?

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This is from the aborted film. And of course it sucks. What did you expect? (Via the Guardian.)

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Anime Thundercats is still on course. I spent quite a bit of time about 5 years ago doing some ‘investigative journalism’ into where the rights went. I think Warner Bros knows it’s a big property (especially as a friend offered them a 7-figure sum for the toy rights even before the movie was rumoured and got turned down) and has been taking the time to get it right.

No no no no no! It hurts my eyes.

According to the Guardian this has “reinvigorated demand” for the film to be made. By whom, I should like to ask?

Adrian – I can imagine it’s worth a bob or two, being one of the few big retro franchises yet to be plundered. I can imagine Anime Thundercats working, actually.

Rachel – yes, I suspect the Guardian mistakes “YouTube views” for “I wholeheartedly give this project my blessings”.

To be honest… I am looking forward to the reboot of Thundercats. I am a big Thundercats fan and would love to see that leaked video footage turned into a film.

I maybe in the minority of people commenting on this but I adore Thundercats so anything related is good to me 😀

The anime show looks more promising, although some of the new character designs are a little off. I’m willing to forgive though as it doesn’t look as godawful as that film clip or the aborted tv remake in which the thundercats were going to be a rockband on earth who could turn into their cat counterparts. To top it off Snarf was going to be their one-eyed yoda mentor.

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