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Clean Energy Race

I always find this kind of thing interesting. According to the Pew Environment Group, China is the world’s leading investor in low-carbon energy technology. Other countries ahead of the pack, and receiving vast amounts of green cash to stimulate their economies, include Germany, the US, Italy, Brazil, Canada…

Meanwhile the UK has dropped out of the top-ten. According to the report:

… 2010 brought a new government to Great Britain, and investors appear to believe that there is a high level of uncertainty about the direction of clean energy policymaking in the country.

This will be the “greenest government ever“, then, which is betraying the environment in many ways. Here is evidence of a refusal to guide the market and ensure that green investors pump millions of pounds into our economy at a time where low-carbon technology is about to boom.

This isn’t a case of the environment versus development; this is a failure to realise that the environment is development.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

3 replies on “Clean Energy Race”

I don’t think we should be too worried about this. On the one hand, where I live I see lots of investment in this area in terms of big and small projects. Things are moving.

On the other, it’s obviously going to be the next investment bubble with all the cash that’s piling in and all the hype about it.

It’s good you can see investment around you. Nice to know it is happening at all.

Though it seems the rest of the world is far ahead of us. It makes no sense given amount of offshore resources available (now High Voltage DC cables are getting cheaper), and we’re running out of time globally to reduce our carbon emissions…

Round by me I do not see development in terms of environment and all that. These people want to save the environment as much as possible and still make an unimaginable profit – not possible!

Investment in cleaner power sources and the like is the key to making a better future for mankind but unfortunately a lot of these fat-cats cannot see past the pound signs…

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