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I think this sums up a lot of what I feel about the current AV referendum, which will almost definitely go by way of the No vote thanks to the nastiest media campaign I have seen in a long time.

I do want to add that democracy does not begin and end with the ballot box or voting system.

MPs and councillors are there to work for you. Unless you make sure they are working for you, by writing letters (not emails – they’re pretty much useless), or by visiting them and pressing home any point you want to make quite clearly, then they are unlikely to be acting in your interests. This doesn’t mean become an annoyance, but it does mean cultivating a decent relationship with them, and articulating why you think any particular concern of yours should be addressed. (I’ve done this, and think I’ve not become too annoying…)

By Mark Newton

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The lady I worked with voted ‘No’ (She’s about 40 years older than me, which is possibly why), yet she agreed that Labour would screw up the country yet again. So, instead of voting for a system that would reduce the ability for Labour to get a foot in the door and make sure our MPs work, she voted for the old ways. I mean, sure, there’s got to be some benefit to FPTP, but as someone explained on the ‘box last night – It’s from a time when there were two main parties. Now we’ve got Green, BNP, UKIP, LibDems, Independent Candidates and many other parties. We need something that will shake the foundations of the Big Two and give some sensible people chances to do some good.

As the video explains, it barely makes a difference. The fact that the lady believes one political party could screw things up (when in fact it was clearly the result of a global meltdown caused by many things, deregulation, behaviour of banks, bail outs, policies of IMF etc.) highlights what is said in the video clearly.

The voting system will barely make a difference. I say democracy does not start and finish at the ballot box.

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