Bruichladdich Laddie Classic & Pedro Ximénez

Two more samples from what is quickly becoming one of my favourite distilleries.

Bruichladdich Laddie Classic

Colour: Amber, cider vinegar. On the nose: gentle peat, a distant sweetness, a touch briny. Classic Islay traits, though nothing unusual.

In the mouth: Smooth, ever so smooth. Great weight and feel in the mouth. Heavy maltiness. Spot of white wine on the finish. That distant sweetness is still there. Perhaps a little disappointing compared to the complexity of the others I’ve tasted from Bruichladdich, but it’s definitely a solid dram and probably a great one for newcomers to single malt whisky. Expect to pick a bottle up for around £35.


Bruichladdich Sherry Edition 1992 Age 17 Years “Pedro Ximénez”

Colour: a dark honey, almost treacle. On the nose: a blast of sherry and dried fruits. In the mouth: a wall of sweet fruits, and of course sherry. Really crisp, really clean, very thin and light in the mouth. A little chewy. A touch of wood on the finish, perhaps some spices. Surprising to think such a Macallan/Glenfarclas-esque flavour can come from Islay, and it’s still a fine single malt.

This isn’t on sale anymore, to my knowledge, but you would have been looking at £55-ish at the time.

By Mark Newton

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