The Art of Marek Okon

I was reminded of Marek’s work on Twitter recently. I first saw his portfolio in my publishing days (Solaris, Black Library), and was always impressed by his range of subjects and styles. I loved this top picture, and had it as my desktop for a while, because it just seemed evocative and had a striking perspective. I think he still does a lot of cover art for publishers, as well as concepts for games companies. Check out his website if you like the art.

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  1. *Love* the second painting. Will have to peruse his portfolio at (maybe) blog about him!

  2. Aidan – thief! Yeah, it’s a great picture. One of the things I like about Marek is that he can draw great landscapes, cityscapes, characters, the whole lot – of a consistently good quality.

  3. All I have to say is incredible! Love the first and last ones especially!