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Serving Suggestions

Just had to share this. Andrew Carter sent in this photo from his recent trip to a remote Scottish island (he didn’t get much reading done because the weather was too nice!). I very much recommend that this is the way to read City of Ruin – if not all books, in fact. The puffins don’t look that impressed by the cover or the empty bottle, mind you…

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

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Mark – I enjoyed your “10 tips for building your writing checklist” from Witer’s Digest. It was nice to have some original takes on that from a writer, as opposed to the “teachery”* vibe those lists usually have.

*totally a word

That two-headed puffin should be in your next book as the natural predator to the wasp-rat-skull thingy!
Are remote scottish islands the best place to read your new book or can we use caribean/pacific islands too?

I LOVE this picture. I think all readers of Mark’s books should take pictures in situ and send them in. Prize for the best. Though how you’d top puffins and whisky, I can’t imagine…

Thanks folks for all your kind words on the photo – especially pleased Mark liked it. Not sure what to do for the next installment though!

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