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Review & A Cabbage

There’s a rather pleasing review of The Book of Transformations over at Fantasy Book Review, where it gets a score of 9.8/10:

… one of the superheroes that the city’s cultists create is slightly different from the average superhero, mainly due to the fact that she’s transsexual, which is awesome. She isn’t a joke character… it’s just a fact that she happens to be a transsexual… It’s a long, long time since reading a book and series from a new author has made me this excited. How he manages to fit it all into one book is amazing. The style of writing is so clean, no paragraph is wasted. This is such a pleasure to read… I really believe in years to come we will be talking about new authors, and asking, are they the new Mark Charan Newton?

Well, if any authors are to be the new me, I shall set the new criteria – before any such claims are made, they will have to grow vegetables like this:

What a mighty cabbage! I had to wrestle the damn thing to get it out of the ground.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

7 replies on “Review & A Cabbage”

I bet growing that gave you a sense of pride, I expect when you eat it, it’ll taste far better than supermarket fair… I really ought to cultivate a small patch of my own garden.

Unfortunately, it has never recovered since the builders moved in…

Erik – thanks!

Maria – it does indeed, and yes, most food grown at home has ended up tasting far better. You could always put in some raised beds? Or grow things in pots? You’d be surprised just how many things thrive in a large pot.

I really should be growing my own herbs in pots at the very least, as I’m spending a small fortune every week.

What sort of things might you suggest trying at this time of year regarding vegetables? Or have I missed the boat?

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