Goyt Valley Ranger Walk

Something that not many people know about regarding UK National Parks is that they offer ranger walks. Basically, you head for about an 8-mile hike and learn about the landscape and environment from some of the people who know and see the most. Subjects covered included the history, former industry, land rights, impacts of climate change on the biodiversity/migrating populations etc, how to read the landscape, identifying certain plants and animals (and their poo…), local pollution problems (such as how a farmer burning tyres next to a reservoir led to it being closed down for 12 years).

That’s a heck of a lot in a day’s hike, but I really recommended it. It was a lot of fun and reminded me of my old Environmental Science field trips. They’re free, and open to anyone – the only problem is the National Parks don’t do a great job of advertising it outside of their own websites.

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