Homemade Ketchup & Outdoor Theatre

No doubt many folk out there get quite a few tomatoes each year. Well, not me – not yet at least. There are plenty about to turn red (or yellow), but we became impatient so topped up our organic veg box delivery with a few extra salad tomatoes in addition to a handful from our own grow bags. This contains some of our onions and garlic, too, and I guarantee it’s tastier and more satisfying than opening a bottle of Heinz for your bacon sandwich.

I’ve used this Jamie Oliver recipe a few times now, and it’s outstanding. It takes a long time to make – and lots of stirring, so be warned, this is not something you can do quickly. It goes splendidly with some homemade potato wedges whilst watching The Taming of the Shrew (framed by a 1920s village show – a very good device with which to explain some of the inherent misogyny) at an outdoor theatre. Which is what we did last night.

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  1. If it is like the homemade tomato sauce that we make, it is even better with shelf age. We are currently nearing the end of our 2009 vintage and will probably have to make another batch this autumn. The cauldron stands ready!

  2. Well, I doubt this will all last as long as 2 years! Do you find that it keeps for long periods without growing mould etc? We’ve sterilised the jars, of course, but I just wondered.

  3. We have opened pots as old as 5 years. We do seal them with wax though, so they are more secure (until opened, of course). The sequence is sauce into sterilised bottle, a small patch of cling film, then the screw top. Finally the wax is applied.

  4. Thanks – very useful tips! I’ll have to give that a go sometime soon.