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  1. I’ve not been there for years. Was it your first time?

  2. No, I’ve been there several times over the years. Rievaulx Abbey is probably my favourite one in the North of England, for the splendid architecture. Byland, not too far from Rievaulx Abbey, is splendid too. 

  3. Love that second shot of the vaults. I can smell the ale maturing down there in days gone by.

  4. There were a few monk-type ales in the shop as it happens. Don’t think they were brewed on site though! 

  5. Cool, cool. I’ll mention those places to the Daily Mail Reader, she likes to visit churches and stuff.

  6. This is huge! especially as it seems old enough to retain romanesque (hope that’s the good word) elements. Great Britain and ruined abbeys

  7. It is absolutely huge. There are indeed a lot of classical elements to the architecture and even the surrounding estates, which were developed far later in the 17th and 18th Century. 

    There’s plenty more there on the abbey grounds:

    And tea rooms, of course. 🙂

  8. Did you go to Brimham Rocks whilst you were up there? My favourite piece of the British landscape.

  9. I’ve been there many years ago – my folks live not too far away from Brimham Rocks, as it happens. It is a rather striking place, isn’t it? 

  10. Indeed. When geography goes Weird!

  11. These pictures are fantastic. Love the lighting effect on the first one.

  12. Thanks – yeah, that first one was really the pick of the bunch.