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Gollancz Samaritans Auction!/Gollancz/status/144398151569252352
Esteemed Brit SFF publisher Gollancz are doing a mighty fine thing. They’re holding an eBay auction to raise money for the Samaritans. The auction includes some cool stuff, plenty of books, and opportunities for unpublished writers out there – having thousands of words reviewed and edited by Gollancz editors. Books, editorial guidance and marketing help – plenty for everyone. I am, however, disappointed that editor Simon Spanton didn’t offer himself up for a cosy dinner…

It’s a fantastic cause, and comes at a time of year (and a period where the economy is really starting to suffer), when the Samaritans could probably do with a bit of help. If you don’t fancy bidding, then please do spread word to anyone who might be interested.

By Mark Newton

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