The Dark Knight Rises

Looks pretty good, no? Sure it says little about the plot, but who cares – I’m a huge Batman fan (though admittedly a late-comer to the comics, but better late than never). It’s interesting that Nolan seems to be using the Occupy Movement as a potential riff, which is impressive since it’s only really had traction in the last couple of months: what a turnaround in getting that into the script.

… you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.

Doubly interesting given some of the political responses to the inherent fascism of the previous Batman film – perhaps this is Nolan’s response to this?

Also: Bane.

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I suspect that the Occupy movement is less an influence and more of a coincidence on the face of it: the time required to write up and build a film predates that movement by years. 

However, Nolan’s got a pretty good eye for scripts, and if his ear is to the ground, he very well might have tapped into some of the underlying issues that have suddenly become very relevant. 

Certainly, the marketing department for the film will work to tap into that relevancy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s something that helped to drive the creation and direction of this particular trailer. 

Good points. I dare say, also, that Nolan is a pretty well-read chap and has observed this brewing as a theme over the last couple of years…

But yeah, it could just be the spin of the marketing. Here’s hoping it’s something deeper than that. 

I’m massively looking forward to it.

I have to admit I thought some of the ‘political responses’ to the previous film, whilst interesting, were a bit simplistic. Batman’s always been one of the more flawed & ambiguous superheroes and the idea that everyone he does in TDK is being applauded uncritically by Nolan seems a bit naive to me.

I’ve only seen a handful of good blogs comment on the political side of it – the one I linked to above in a more thorough (if not brutal) manner, and picking up on the interesting points of dialogue etc. (If I remember, I believe a lot of the discussion of TDK was something to do with the ethics of surveillance? It was quite a while ago now!) 

But yes, the flaws are what makes him interesting. 

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