The Hobbit Trailer

Two trailers in two posts, but I couldn’t not share this one. Looks brilliant – with precisely the same aesthetics as The Lord of the Rings films, and with that lovely shade of darkness in the background. Seems to also concentrate on giving lots of hints about the evil brewing, linking the films together.

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I was a little worried about Bilbo’s casting, since Ian Holm more or less shaped my image of what Bilbo is supposed to look like. This preview ameliorated that – he looks perfect.

It looks and feels great, as expected. It obviously ditches the childish features of the book, the elves seem to be way more serious, the dwarves seem to attack the trolls instead of trying to sneak up on them…. The insertion of the actions of the council against the necromancer/Sauron maybe justified to make the book work in two parts.
What probably will bug me (it is already doing so now) is the fact that they created a female elve (Evangeline Lily) to balance out the lack of female protagonists. Tolkien wrote it as a male centered story, and imho they should treat it that way.Damn you p.c. šŸ˜‰
But I am looking forward for the release. The LootR movies taught me to ignore the stuff that annoys me (10-15%), and enjoy the rest (85-90%) !



P.S:Nitpicking for hardcore fans: Balin is either younger as Thorin or roughly the same age, but it in the trailer he looks like he could be Thorin’s Grandfather.

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