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Batman Costume Infographic

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

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Off topic but I received City In Ruins yesterday. I’m halfway through Antimatter by Frank Close but I opened up City In Ruins to have a brief look. Next thing I know I’ve just finished chapter three. A real fluid, easy read, and an enjoyable book so far. I expect I’ll finish it within a week even though I’m a little averse to Big Thick Books (I prefer them clocking in around a couple of hundred pages or so, which is very rare nowadays). Definitely getting more of your work. So put the whisky down, get back to the word processor and write lots more books please.

Seeing as it’s Christmas, 🙂  Really getting into the book now, getting immersed in the world. I took to Jeryd as a character straight away and am warming to Brynd, Malum and the others. The descriptions of the city and its people are very evocative, the writing is top notch and it’s a breeze to read. As I’ve posted on Neal Asher’s blog I’m the type of reader that can dump a book at the drop of a hat, but whatever it is that keeps the reader reading you’ve definitely got it.

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