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Trees, Wild Garlic, Periwinkle

Bit of a late afternoon walk in a nearby park, which was formerly the grounds of an old stately home. The home has now gone, and half the grounds have been turned into a golf course, while the other has been allowed to become something more natural. Plenty of oak, birch, limes around – one or two really old specimens. Stacks of wild garlic were ready to give off its scent throughout these woods – already the leaves were incredibly intense when you bring them close. There were a few bright blue splashes of periwinkle tucked away in quieter spots, not deep in the woodland, but nearer the hedgerows, and they’ll only be around for the next month or so.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

2 replies on “Trees, Wild Garlic, Periwinkle”

The tree at the top – with the . . . what are they? exposed roots? fallen branches? . . . is fascinating and extraordinary. Beautiful.

It was a fallen branch. Quite a few of them round there – lots of pretty old trees, which seemed almost forgotten about because of the location. But I was lucky with the light – absolutely wonderful.

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