Roman Vindolanda

Roman Vindolanda is well worth your time. Just south of Hadrian’s Wall, it was a frontier fort and village, occupied for over 300 years. It’s constantly spurting archeological treasures, such as the famous Vindolanda Writing Tablets, which are the oldest surviving handwritten documents in the UK, and the oldest one written in Latin by a woman – anywhere. The museum is excellent, though doesn’t permit photographs unfortunately. I was so inspired, I very nearly bought a replica Roman helmet and sword. Very nearly.

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  1. I might not have resisted buying a sword, although getting it home would have been a bitch.

  2. Ha, yes, I imagine getting that through airport security would be interesting. 

  3. You were just up the road from me, Mark! I have not-so-fond memories of school field trips to Vindolanda – it always seemed to be raining – but now that I’m older I’m itching to go back. Did you check out Housesteads fort too (assuming it had reopened after winter redevelopment)?

  4. Yes, our B&B was 200 yards from Housesteads! The redevelopment was, apparently, more to do with access than anything else. Preferred the museum at Vindolanda, which was incredibly well set-up.