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New Cover Art: Nights of Villjamur & City of Ruin

I am the man of many covers. From the 25th October, Nights of Villjamur and City of Ruin will be reissued with new artwork on the front, to fit in with the rest of the series and to finally have one cohesive look.

There’s more, though: I’ve actually made quite a few (over a hundred) changes to Nights of Villjamur. Call it the ambitions of a first-time author, call it crap writing, but there were a few points of the text in this book that I believed caused a clunky experience. I’ve managed to iron many, many of these out, thankfully. It’s only a word or two here, a line there – not a complete re-edit, mind you, but enough to give me peace of mind that the most ridiculous of the excesses have now been removed.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

6 replies on “New Cover Art: Nights of Villjamur & City of Ruin”

Very character centric, these two.  

I don’t know about the re-edit, though. I’m conflicted as to whether that is a good idea. Doubtless you are a better writer now than then, but is it a good idea to revisit works in that way.  Or at least there should be limits.

It depends on the book. This is going to sit on the shelves for quite a while still and is the first in a series. Why not apply what I’ve learned now to make the reading experience better for people? If the opportunity came up and I declined to do so, I think that would be careless of a writer, surely? But if it is something that will quickly disappear, there is not much point perhaps…

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