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Jonah is a forthcoming animated film from Kibwe Tavares @ Factory Fifteen, who made the incredible Robots of Brixton (basically, a short film that genre fandom should really be paying attention to, instead of the usual suspects). The above teaser artwork has just been released. What’s it about?

Jonah is a story set in the fishing town of Zanzibar of a changing man in a changing town. Aggressive tourism sparked through Jonah’s discovery of the world biggest fish has caused the town and himself to change beyond recognition. The town is now a glowing, tacky, money making, wildly opportunistic beach town, which has abandoned its original fishing roots. As an old man Jonah is ashamed of what his old fishing town has become and decides to hunt down the legendary fish and kill it, killing what it represents.

Jonah is being made in partnership with Film4, BFI, Channel4, Shine Films.

More over on the Factory Fifteen website.

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