Simon Schama’s Shakespeare

Not a review, but a plug. I’ve only caught one of these so far, but it was an incredible episode. Though the source material is rich indeed, Schama has done a splendid job in showing the historical and royal context behind Shakespeare’s plays and especially the speeches within. And even that context has drama. I’ll admit that, though I’ve seen quite a few of the plays, my background knowledge on the bard isn’t particularly great – so for me this was a real eye-opener. I’m not sure how long these episodes will be on the iPlayer, as I suspect they’ll head to DVD at some point, but it’s well worth checking out.

By Mark Newton

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By no legal means, no.

Now you know why fans of, say, Doctor Who, over here used illegal means to get their fix before the BBC decided on simultaneous release. Because there was no legal way to see it otherwise. None.Eventually it will migrate over to DVD here, or maybe Itunes and I will see it then. In the meantime, you can tell us all about it and make the Americans like me jealous.

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