It was perhaps inevitable, but I’ve finally switched on a new whisky review site called Malt.

While I think initially people on the blog were reasonably charmed by me talking about whisky, I’m pretty sure I’ve bored people to death about it by now. That also meant that I could really talk about whisky in quite the way I want to – in full geek mode. Hence the new site.

I wanted it to be pretty stylish, something different. Something I would want to read. This will be in partnership with others, too, so hopefully we can cover the vast world of whisky – not just tastings, but recipes, design notes, cocktails, news, that kind of thing.

I’ve imported all the old whisky reviews from here, with a few tweaks, just to get things going. And I’ve added a few more reviews and features. I’d like to grow it into a pretty busy website one day.

Anyway. Take a look. Please do spread the word – if you have any friends or family who are into whisky, then send them that way.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.