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Another riff on the Private Writing theme. I used to carry around a battered Moleskin notebook like every other writer in town, but in the digital age I started simply to send myself texts or emails and grew out of using a notebook. Not ideal, and not aesthetically pleasing in the least.

However, Meernotes, an app for the iPhone, goes some way to bridging that gap between notebooks and digital devices. I’ve really wanted a nice note-taking app on the iPhone because the in-built app is pretty rubbish, and Evernote just got on my nerves. I actually enjoy using Meernotes. Your notes are safely stored with the iCloud. You can add your own photos, though you can’t flow text around them like you might in a real notebook – however, you can annotate the photos themselves. I think it can be used on the iPad, too, though it’s not a full version – that would be a really good thing, however, especially if it syncs like Day One does.

I’m sure lots more interesting features will crop up over time, but for now you can see it in action in the video which is on their website. It’s well worth your time.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

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Hi Dave. Well, to be totally fair, it has been about two years since I tried Evernote. Bt it seemed to be about too many other things other than simple, pure note taking. This app is very simple, and very, very pretty to use. Some of the paper textures look incredibly real. It just feels more like a notebook and not a fancy catch-all.

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