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Allotment, April 13th


It’s the first time we’ve been on the allotment in about five weeks, due to terrible weather. We didn’t really miss much, though there are a few signs of life around the site. I’ve ended up basically digging over the same patches again, with a little extra; this time raking it level, ready for planting. I’ve fixed a few loose panels in the greenhouse, and we’ve massed a decent pile of twigs and branches which we’ll need to burn at some point. Also, we really need to lay down some wood chips to denote the pathways, which will make everything look instantly better. There’s a guy who brings around pine tree shreddings for free, which are ideal. There’s also a farmer who stops by to sell – allegedly – superb manure for £25 a load. This manure is the secret to growing enormous pumpkins, so I’m told. Anyway, I need to track down both of these people pretty soon.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.